IPSO Colloquium in Budapest, Hungary
June 30 - July 2, 2017
Our heritage: past, present and future

Anna FORGÁCH: forgachanna@gmail.com
Katalin ZANA: zanka697@gmail.com

We, the candidates of the Hungarian Psychoanalytic Society would like to invite you to our first IPSO colloquium in Budapest.  The inspiration to organize a professional meeting like this came from the Viennese IPSO colloquium (which took place in July 2016), where we had a great time, and experienced that during an event like this we can have the opportunity during the supervisory groups, lectures and social events to talk freely about professional issues, meet new colleagues, and “refresh” a little bit in a professional environment. It was great to realize that there are so many things which are common in our work, we deal with similar problems, think alike about professional issues, however, we found out that so many things which are evident for us Hungarians are not evident at all to colleagues from other countries.
These every day customs which we usually inherit from our own personal analysis and supervision (how we close the sessions, how we welcome/escort our patients, how long summer break we take, etc.), affect our work and become an integral part of the psychoanalytic sessions. As it becomes a habit, we can’t even notice them, however, it has a significant impact to our therapeutic work.
Because of its relevancy and interest our colloquium will be organized around ‘heritages’. In the first part, plenary lectures will take place in which analysts of our society will present how the heritages of the “Budapest School” live on in our present clinical work and how it affects psychoanalytic theories and methods.
After that in small workshop groups, we would talk about everyday clinical heritages, comparing the heritage of our work style with other colleagues from all around the world. In group supervisions we wish to continue to work with our main theme, so we would welcome cases where the ‘heritage’ significantly appears in any way.
Finally in summation, during an interactive plenary lecture, we will try to find answers together to the interesting question: how the past’s heritage affects our present, and how it determines our future.
On Saturday, an optional dinner will close the conference, where the participants can meet, talk, and even dance together. On Sunday you will have the opportunity to get a bit closer to the psychoanalytic Budapest at a facultative guided tour.
We are really looking forward to getting closer to different kinds of heritages, customs, and your distinct cultures! Come and experience it with us!

We are waiting for you in Budapest, please note the date!

Details concerning registration, scientific and social programs will appear on the website soon. Until that, you can follow us via facebook :  www.facebook.com/ipsobudapest2017