Society Contact Information

Institute for Psychoanalytic Education (IPE)

NYU Department of Psychiatry
One Park Avenue #8-241
New York NY
United States
Phone: 1 646 754 4870
Fax: 1 646 754 9540

For further information please visit the Institute's own website shown above.

IPA Candidates

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Full NameSpoken Language
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Dr. Ani Chouldjian BaghdassarianEnglish149416
Ms. Meyrav BarakEnglish161803
Dr. Rachelle Brutus-ScottEnglish149445
Dr. Christopher G. BulgarelliEnglish149406
Dr. Kuan-Yu ChenEnglish155116
Dr. Dara ChoEnglish161002
Dr. Cristian Dan CioraEnglish149422
Dr. Edward DeweyEnglish149417
Mr. Alan DezenEnglish149439
Dr. Alice DiBenedettoEnglish149424
Dr. Joanna L. FineEnglish149411
Dr. Joyce Gerdis KarpEnglish149413
Dr. Elizabeth GroisserEnglish149440
Dr. Jason HershbergerEnglish149425
Dr. Abby HerzigEnglish149435
Dr. Margarita HolstenEnglish149426
Dr. Nisba HusainEnglish162314
Ms. Rania KanaziEnglish162349
Ms. Lucille KellmanEnglish162355
Dr. Doonam KimEnglish155121